Meet the Typically Holidays Expert on March 15th at Broadland Travel

Broadland Travel is proud to be hosting an exciting presentation by Typically Holidays, the specialists in Italian and Spanish tours, who trade only through travel agents. Typically Holidays will be showcasing their carefully selected hotels and culture-rich holidays at Broadland Travel’s office in North Walsham from 11 a.m. on Tuesday March 15th.

All hotels featured in the Typically Holidays brochure have been visited by company director, Daniele Broccoli, in his search for accommodation that will offer the best possible holiday experience to their customers. From self-catering apartments and villas to luxury hotels and haciendas, each venue is selected for its potential to absorb you into the life and culture of the host country.

A popular feature of the Typically Holidays package tours is the range of group activities. In Spain you can take part in paella-cooking lessons, tapas tours, and flamenco dancing lessons. Italy offers cooking lessons, opera visits, wine tasting, mozzarella making, and olive oil tasting.

If you happen to be in Spain at the end of August, why not take part in that unique and rather bizarre event – La Tomatina. Each year, on the last Wednesday of August (this year it’s the 31st), 20,000 people (tickets only) will hurl around 100,000 kg of over-ripe tomatoes at one another in the World’s biggest (and possibly only!) organized tomato fight at Buñol, near Valencia.

The eight-day San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, Spain, which takes place from July 6th to July 14th, is best known for the ‘Running of the Bulls’. This is a sport that grew from the necessity of transporting bulls from the fields where they were reared to the bullring in town where they would fight to their deaths. To speed up the journey, the cattle would be encouraged to chase the cowherds, and local youths would join in, showing off their bravado.

Italy offers a wonderful opportunity for truffle hunting with experts and their specially trained dogs. Originally, female pigs were used, as the scent of truffles is similar to that of the male pig pheromone. But, being very fond of truffles, pigs could not always be relied upon to share their finds! Because nobody has yet succeeded in farming truffles, this delicacy remains a rarity, and some truffles are actually worth their weight in gold.

Our visiting Typically Holidays expert will be telling us all about some beautiful regions of Spain and Italy, the atmospheric hotels that have been chosen, and the activities and opportunities available. There will be cheese and wine to sample, brochures to peruse, and questions answered.

All holidays come with 100% financial protection from ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) and ATOL (Air Travel Organizer’s Licence).

Come and meet us, and our Typically Holidays colleagues, on Tuesday March 15th at Broadland Travel, 41 Market Place, North Walsham NR28 9BT. We look forward to seeing you!